You’ll find me on Twitter…

by Tyler Mackie

Apologies for the silence. I have been thrown into the exam time at university and between procrastinating and revising I have not been able to update here, and furthermore this update is going to be brief and will need some fleshing out in future. The topic which I am going to handle is a massive topic and issue which I would love to come back to, and so this will be a tiny chunk out of the future massive bites out of this topic. And the topic this article concerns is Archaeology on the net.

The quickest, easiest and most global way to disseminate information is the Internet. A way to engage the public and ensure the public has access to research and findings within archaeology is to ensure it is available easily for the majority of those, and personally I believe that in order to gain public interest is to use social networking.

Accessibility to various reports, findings and documents, however is not that easy. Not everything is free to find on the Internet. Not everything is on the Internet. And many projects and research do not use this medium of communication. Take commercial units as an example: a quick google may find you a website with an email at most, and yet no indepth information regarding current nor past projects.

Yet, what I have found online, and especially on twitter, is an amazing growth of archaeology tweeters, from the fellow undergrad student, to museum establishments, heritage and trusts, local community tweeters and even the ‘digging the dirt’ archaeology gossip.

You can find my twitter at @tylerlizzie, where I have managed to find 65+ amazing archaeology tweeters, in a list. And I hope that number grows.